It’s Planting Season!

Thumbing through seed catalogs and walking the aisles at the local nurseries are two of my favorite late winter activities.  But I admit, with so many options it can be a bit overwhelming. Hopefully the following tips will help simplify the process.   Prior to filling my shopping cart with vegetable plants and seed packages,…… Continue reading It’s Planting Season!

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Helpful Tips for choosing the perfect lighting for your home.

Lighting is responsible for creating the overall feel of a space. Are you looking for a space that is beautiful, functional, relaxing, productive, or one that draws people together? Did you know the type of lighting you choose can achieve all of those? Let’s talk about commonly asked questions from our Mountain Lighting customers. 1.…… Continue reading Helpful Tips for choosing the perfect lighting for your home.

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Friday, April 12th. 3 pm Fair opens. Get your tickets here! 6 to 8 pm Cedar’s Got Talent   PRIZE MONEY  1st = $300 2nd = $250 3rd = $200 Prize Sponsors: Carter Wilkey – iPro Realty, Southwest Plumbing, Catalyst Contracting, Inc., and Iron County HBA. Saturday, April 13th 8 – 10 am Benefit Breakfast –  Jonah…… Continue reading Entertainment

Hector Cruz

Our hardships began on September 29, 2011 when my husband came home one day from work bleeding from his right eye. The next day we drove him up to Salt Lake for an emergency surgery to try and save his eye. On the way up, because of the elevation change, his left eye erupted. The…… Continue reading Hector Cruz


Get your ticket to the Spring Home and Garden Fair!

Jonah Banks

Jonah Banks is an eleven-year-old who loves to be outdoors playing football, basketball and other sports, camping, building and creating things. He has a very creative and inventive mind and uses his hands well. He also enjoys carving wood and learning and performing magic tricks. He’s a great artist and loves to draw, he plays…… Continue reading Jonah Banks

Bedroom Design Ideas for Older Adults Person

If you’re moving into a new home with an elderly parent, it’s time to consider an elderly-friendly design that’ll help them get around more easily. The good news is that when it comes to interior design, nothing is set in stone. This means there are adjustments you can make to ensure your elderly parent’s new…… Continue reading Bedroom Design Ideas for Older Adults Person