Cherry Creek Radio

cherrysmallCherry Creek Radio is a small market radio company focused on internal operations and driving revenue.

The company is staffed at both the corporate level, and the local market level, with seasoned small market radio professionals that know how to interact with local businesses, and advocate their success in an increasingly competitive retail environment.

The company’s revenue success comes through continuing marketing education, rather than simply training it’s sales professionals.

Six Stations strong in southern Utah including KSUB Talk Radio AM590, Big Kickin’ Country 94.9FM, Contemporary Hits B92 at 92.1FM and southern Utah’s favorite adult contemporary on Star98 at 98.1FM.

Brian Komarek, Manager

Chris Holmes, Booth Host



The Home Builders Association of Utah is the advocate for the housing industry to the Utah State Legislature and the other state regulatory agencies including the Division of Professional and Occupational Licensing and Utah State Codes Commission.