Black Diamond Real Estate

Kelly Newville and Black Diamond Real Estate provide stellar service with over 30 years of experience in Commercial, New Developments and Entitlements, Residential (Existing Homes and New Constructed Homes), Land and Water, and Property Management real estate categories.  Kelly is also a Lifetime resident of Cedar City, Utah and can educate you on most other area information also.  …… Continue reading Black Diamond Real Estate

Red’s Pest Control

 A locally owned company! Founded by brothers Kyle and Kevin Allred. Kyle is raising a family in Vernal Utah and servicing Northern Utah in pest control. Kevin is currently a SUU student studying business and servicing Southern Utah. We, as owners, value our customers and make it a priority to put their needs first. We…… Continue reading Red’s Pest Control

Great Western Realty

Great Western Realty (GWR) is Local, Independent and Full Service Real Estate (RE) brokerage that represents Buyers & Sellers and has been in Cedar City for over 30 years. We are the primary marketers for Mesa Hills Planned Communities which consists of about 350 acres with over 400 families enjoying neighborhood parks, trails and greenbelts in the rolling hills above…… Continue reading Great Western Realty

Horticulture Oil

Using Horticulture Oil for Insect Control Horticulture oils have been used to control pests for more than 100 years. Oils target both the egg and adults of aphids, mites, twig borers, pear psylla, scale insects, cutworms & leaf rollers before they can cause problems. Before the development of current oil refining techniques, oils were heavier…… Continue reading Horticulture Oil

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How is your Water Bill?

Increa$ing Water Bill As temperatures warm and landscape water demands increase, homeowners may start to notice the effect of Cedar City water rate increase that began last February. According to the Mayor’s January , 2013 Newsletter, the average residential customer could see an overall increase in their bill of about $11 per month if water…… Continue reading How is your Water Bill?

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It’s Planting Season! Thumbing through seed catalogs and browsing the isles at the local nurseries are two of my favorite spring time activities. But I admit, with so many selections available it can be a bit overwhelming at times. Hopefully the following tips will help simplify the process. Prior to filling my shopping carts, I…… Continue reading Planting

Perfect Lighting

Three Steps to the Perfect Lighting Most people notice a poorly lighted room. This is most noticeable in high task areas such as the kitchen, laundry and bathroom. I mean, think about it; where do most people work in the home? Of course, one needs the most light in kitchens, bathrooms and laundry areas. One…… Continue reading Perfect Lighting

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Xeriscaping-Landscape of the Desert

What is Xeriscaping? Xeriscaping is defined as a method to conserve water through the use of creative landscaping. In North America, well over 50% of water used is for watering lawns and maintaining landscaping. With water becoming a precious commodity in the US, xeriscaping become a viable alternative. Decorative rock is becoming more popular and…… Continue reading Xeriscaping-Landscape of the Desert

Progressive Power Solutions

With rising energy prices and the need for emergency preparedness, Progressive Power Solutions (PPS) brings power to your home, business, or even a family cabin.  PPS advisors understand the economics of solar energy, utility rate structures, tax credits, incentives, and other financial factors, and can help customers save 75% or more off their electric bill…… Continue reading Progressive Power Solutions